Porch of Misty Edit

Porch of Misty Event

Porch of Misty Event

As the biggest clothes store in the Cloud Empire, Room of Mystery·Porch of Misty throws a summer celebration with all elegant clothes at their Best price!

70% OFF of purchases: 1 turn for 45 Diamonds, 10 turns for 450 Diamonds. Lasts from May 25th 5:00 am - June 9th 11:59 pm.

Suit Flower in Mirror Moon in Water
  • Flower of Yesterday
  • Flower Moon Cloak
  • Flower in Mirror
  • Floral Brocade
  • Floral Tassel
  • Kyoka Hairpin
  • Lotus Leaf Tassel
  • Floral Inc
  • Light of Firefly
  • Scented Snow
  • Beauty in Moonlight
  • Moon in Water
  • Qiuyong Moon
  • Lunar Ripple
  • Moonstone Bracelet
  • Moonstone Headdress
  • Moonstone Necklace
  • Meditative Moon
  • Lunar Fragrance
  • Everlasting Moonbeam

Weekend Welfare Edit

Gold and Drop Rate is doubled for Princess Levels 1&3 ONLY from May 26th 5:00 am - May 28th 11:59 pm.

Satiroth's Sheep Edit

Satiroths Sheep Event

Satiroth's Sheep Event

Make an in-game purchase of Diamonds of $4.99 or more in one go to get Satiroth's Sheep outfit for free from May 25th 5:00 am to June 9th 11:59 pm.

Sign In Reward Edit

Sign in every day for 30 consecutive days to obtain Diamond, Gold and limited suits.

Bonus Stamina Edit

Sign in every day from 12:00 - 14:00 Monday to Friday for 30 stamina, 12:00 - 14:00 Saturday and Sunday for 60 stamina, and 19:00 - 21:00 Monday to Sunday for 60 stamina.

Fortune Cat Edit

Invest diamonds for more than 100% return. Limited to 5 times.

Friend Reward Edit

Add friends to your friend list for a free out-of-print suit Youth Poem.

Number of Friends Reward
1 500 Gold
5 Elegant Prelude
10 Concerto of Melody
20 Minuet
30 Stave
40 Waltz of Youth
50 Aria of Morning Glory
60 Melody of Youth

First Recharge Reward Edit

Obtain double Diamond and 5-star suit Winter Angel after first recharge ONLY.

Diamond Card Reward Edit

Recharging 260 Diamonds will reward 60 Diamonds every day for 30 straight days.

Scarlet's ZodiacEdit

(Event) Starlet's Zodiac

Scarlet's Zodiac

Choose a Zodiac to gain your daily lucky number. Finish certain quests to gain extra rewards from June 5th 5:00 am to June 11th 11:59 pm.

Ball Under MoonEdit

Join the adventure with Nikki, Momo and Yoko to collect these two beautiful sets! From June 16th 5:00 am to June 22nd 11:59 pm.

(Event) Ball Under Moon

Ball Under Moon

Sugar CheerleaderEdit

From July 4th 5:00 am to July 9th 11:59 pm, login to claim a sweet suit (Sugar Cheerleader) for FREE!

(Event) Sugar Cheerleader

Sugar Cheerleader