Hika is a character from Love Nikki - Dress Up Queen. She is part of the royal guard and the stylist of Prince Royce.

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Hika has straight, shoulder length heather colored hair with sideswept bangs. She has blue eyes and makes very few facials expressions.

Hika wears a blue button up shirt with a black skirt and a decrotive corset. The skirt is a little above knee length and has a gold chandelier pattern on it. The skirt also has a layer of blue ruffles attached to the bottom and lace trim on the black ruffle layer.

Her dark blue stockings have a blue and yellow diamond pattern along the sides and she wears brown shoes. She usually stands in a stiff position with her arms crossed.

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Love Nikki - Dress Up Queen Edit

Chapter2 Fairy Tale World Lilith Edit

Chapter3 'Witch and Star Sea' Edit

Chapter4 The Tea Party Edit

Chapter5 Mutated Tea Party Edit

On 5-3, Nikki meets Hika, who challenges her to a contest with cold and classy clothing. Hika is searching for her 'master', Prince Royce.

In 5-5 Nikki, Yoko, and Momo run into Prince Royce and Hika once more. Hika and Nikki then have a contest to see who can dress-up as a better maid.

On the last level of Chapter Five, 5-12, Nikki must defeat Hika so that Prince Royce will not have to go home with her, and that Hika would continue to follow him on his journey instead.

Chapter9 Styling Contest Prelude Edit

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5-5 Meet Royce Again

Hika is often described as “Cold” and “Icy”. She shows little emotion and very rarely shows signs of joy. She is fully capable of showing emotions though when she does she’s usually either mad or being sassy.

She is willing to accept punishment she is given and will do so with dignity. She doesn’t believe herself to be an acceptable stylist and hates being Royce’s model.

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Royce Edit

She is Royce’s bodyguard and assistant. She stuck as Royce’s stylist as she unintentionally scares away all the other potential models. In the beginning she and Royce don’t get along well, but they seem to warm up to each other in the later chapters of the game.

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5-.1 Master and Servant

She is also known as Neva in other servers.
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5-12 New Journey