Kimi (offen referred to as "Lady Kimi") is a character of the game. She is a stylist working for Apple Federation Apparel Group.

Appearance Edit

Kimi is short in height, has purple eyes, and silver straight hair with some braids. She wears a white off-shoulder dress with black stripes. She also has black heels and a black bow in her hair.

History Edit

Past Edit

Love Nikki - Dress Up Queen Edit

Chapter2 Fairy Tale World Lilith Edit

Chapter5 Mutated Tea Party Edit

Chapter6 Flower Field Encounter Edit

Personality Edit

Relationship Edit

Nikki Edit

Joe Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the description of the shirt Fragrance·Pink, it says that many people are wondering that Joe and Kimi are a couple, however, it says that she prefers Nikki. This means that Kimi is lesbian or some part of the LGBT+ community.
    IMG 2161

    6-S2 Kimi in Sport style

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