Kimi (offen referred to as "Lady Kimi") is a character of the game. She is a stylist working for Apple Federation Apparel Group.

Appearance Edit

Kimi is short in height, has purple eyes, and silver straight hair with some braids. She wears a white off-shoulder dress with black stripes. She also has black heels and a black bow in her hair.

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Personality Edit

Lady Kimi is highly intelligent and reserved, never letting her emotions bubble too close to the surface. But she is far from heartless, showing respect and care for others in her own way. She carries herself with an air of authority and grace, but is not snooty or condensending. She can be humble and does not see herself above others. Kimi is observate and wise beyond her years, and her father is only too happy to retire and pass his title down to her.

Relationship Edit

Nikki Edit

A few clothes descriptions imply that Kimi may have a bit of a crush on Nikki: -The top "Fragrance • pink": "Tabloids: Many people are wondering whether or not Kimi and Joe are a couple. The truth is Kimi prefers Nikki".

The following clothes are from the suit "Festival: Rose romance". The makeup "Love of rose": "Kimi flushed so long at the final makeup photo of Nikki, the new model star of the group" The hair ornament "Rose ring": "She smiles as brightly as a rose blooming in the sun. Quite and tender, she is always in my heart."

It also seems Nikki reciprocates her feelings, as Momo makes the comment at the end of 5-11: "So Nikki doesn't care about the prince, but adores Lady Kimi..."

Trivia Edit

  • In the description of the shirt Fragrance·Pink, it says that many people are wondering that Joe and Kimi are a couple, however, it says that she prefers Nikki. This means that Kimi is lesbian or some part of the LGBT+ community. That might have changed, because she does like Reid, and the kiss in Chapter 17 does show they might be a couple.
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    6-S2 Kimi in Sport style