Meow meow meow meow~
~ Momo

Momo is one of the main characters from Love Nikki - Dress Up Queen. He is a talking cat, small, fat, sarcastic, and the Nikki's best friend who accompanies her on her journey. He also loves grilled fish.

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Momo is a white cat with black eyes and has a peach strand of hair. He wears a yellow shawl with a hood that has a red ribbon.

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Momo is a master of fashion and an invaluable assistant of Nikki, helping her to overcome many struggles and has incredible ability to decry and praise. He enjoys eating grilled fish, insulting and complimenting Nikki. Momo is also a straightforward and honest cat, making him a good judge in styling competitions.

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Nikki Edit

Nikki is one of Momo's best friends

Yoko Edit

The Bobo is the other Momo's best friend and rival Edit

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Lunar is the principal Momo's love interest

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※ Some quotes may be missing.


  • Nikki, I’m beginning to fall in love with you!! A perfect appearance for a cat”
  • “There is no stylist better than you in the entire Miraland
  • “Hah hah hah hah hah~ Like I said, no one can defeat Nikki!”
  • “I can finally say this: Nikki you are even more awesome than grilled fish!”
  • “I heard that by hanging around Momo, you can get a perfect taste in style.”
  • “Is that you Nikki? You must have been possessed by the goddess of style!
  • “YOU ARE MY SUPERSTAR!~~ meow meow meow meow~”
  • “If you were there in the Nine-Day War, you would have won all 3 of the treasures!”
  • “YEAH! Nikki, you are too stunning for my eyes!”
  • “I am so excited! You are the winner!”
  • “Perfect performance! Congratulations on turning the tide!”
  • “Unbelievable! After seeing something like that, I’d have no regret even if I could never eat grilled fish anymore!”
  • “Congratulations on finishing your apprenticeship!~”
  • “I need to check if pigs are flying. Nikki you must be possessed by Venus herself!
  • “Let's publish a fashion magazine, Nikki! It would definitely sell all over the world!”
  • “Tell them that you are the No.1 goddess in the Cloud Empire!”
  • Nikki, you become champion at the Stylist Tea Party if you perform at such a standard!”


  • “Don’t cry, Nikki. Let’s go to Kimi to practice more.”
  • “Now I wish I could turn back time…”
  • “No, it’s not tear… Just sand in my eyes…”
  • “So tired… We should find a forest in Republic of Wasteland and live as hermits.”
  • “I wonder if Queen Nanari regrets bringing you here.”
  • “Nobody is born a great stylist… But you should really try harder!”
  • “The best stylist is ones sees most losses… and most victories!”

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  • He is voiced by Jessica Resheke. [1]

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