Nikki is the main protagonist from Love Nikki - Dress Up Queen. She dresses up in different styles to win stylist battles as she travels across seven different nations with different styles.


Nikki is a pale-skinned girl with straight, long pink hair and pink eyes.

Although her costuming always changes, she commonly wears a short light pink dress with floral pattern (Nikki's Dress), a pearl necklace with a rose (Pearl Necklace•Rose), short white stockings bent, and pink heels with two hearts in each.

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Nikki is a gentle, peaceful and somewhat clumsy person who posses an innate fashion sense, a capability of coordinating, and the skill to combine and design all types of costumes and accessories for all styles and fashions. She enjoys shopping, travelling, fashion, cats and likes giving advice to help others.

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Momo Edit

Momo is Nikki's talking cat and best friend In Maiden mode, Momo gives Nikki fashion advice

Yoko Edit

Also known as Bobo, is Nikki's good friend.

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Lunar becomes Nikki's friend when Nikki accepts to help her get back her stolen fashion design.

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Kimi is Nikki's rival, and it is implied Kimi may be a potential love interest.

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Haru looks exactly like Nikki, except that Haru has short hair.

Nanari Edit

Nanari met Nikki in the very beginning of the game before disappearin.

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  • Nikki's shoes are the only clothing that is not available.

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