From north to south, the western part of this country stretches across the Urpa Mountains. The canyon here, know as the wind valley, is the most humid place and gives birth to the largest forest on the continent - the Wind Valley Forest. 

For a very long period, Republic of Wasteland is isolated from the mainland and therefore its people retain an original way of life, fully ancient and mysterious

With the worship of nature and gods,people here express natural and wild style of clothing. The country is famous for "the primitive and will civilization in modern era."

Love Nikki - Republic of Wasteland

Name Prize Materials Photo
Tribe Totem 20 Diamond
  • Tribal Girl·Linen
  • Earth Totem
  • Tribal Spirit
  • Lace Boots
  • Desert
  • Wild Choker
  • Tribal Armband
  • Knotting Culture
  • Wasteland Satchel
Tribe Totem
Star Priest 35 Diamond
  • Star Priest
  • Silent Stars
  • Starry Shift
  • Tarot Circle
  • Starry Dream
  • Stars Scattered
  • Star Pieces
  • Deep Stars
Star Priest
Colorful Dreams 40 Diamond
  • Rainbow Dream
  • Colorful Dream
  • Dream Sky
  • Light Dance
  • Cloud and Dew
  • Trace of Dream
Colorful Dreams