Beyond the mainland, there is an isolated island country established on the industrial ruins. Not matter where on this island, the technology light - a real beam symbolized immortal amibition of mankind seeking truth - must be seen.

Ruin Island is a country closest to the future. Momo thinks that this country can connect with other worlds through teleporting.

Technology has been a part of people's lives, clothing with no exception of course. Island people are obsessed with Sci-Fi style. This country is "cutting edge technology-driven".

Love Nikki - Ruin Island Map

Ruin Island Map

Fashion SetsEdit

Ruin Island

Ruin Island Logo

  • Future Space
  • War on Ruins
  • Cosmos Tide
  • Angica's Dream
  • Volley Lucia
  • NR-001

Name Prize Materials Photo
Future Space 20 Diamond
  • Ruin Girl
  • Future Space
  • Sci-fi Soul
  • Metal Airspace
  • Time Hairpin
  • Time Choker
  • Time Gloves
War On Ruins 30 Diamond
  • Make Beautiful
  • War on Ruins
  • Electronic Ghost
  • Hologram
  • Headphones
  • Suspension's Wings
  • Intelligent Data
  • Wounds of Nirvana
Cosmos Tide Styling Gift Box - Star Melody + 35 Diamond
  • Sky Fall
  • Cosmos Tide
  • Endless Echo
  • Time Pilot
  • Dawn of Dusk
  • Void World
  • Shift Time
Angica's Dream Styling Gift Box - Angelika's Dream + 35 Diamond
  • Angelica
  • Angelica's Obsession
  • Lovely Justice
  • Cute Rabbit Ears
  • The Hidden One
  • Dream Light Blade
  • Overclock Matrix
  • Cute Rabbit
Volley Lucia Styling Gift Box - Volley Lucia + Dazzling Sakura + Eyes of Order + 35 Diamond
  • Lucia
  • Volley Sanctions
  • Power Cruise
  • Volley Leap
  • Virtual Vision
  • Blitz Wings
  • Gale Feather
  • Gilt Blade
  • Illuminant Armor
  • Laser Wings

Volley Lucia

NR-001 40 Diamond
  • Intelligent Research
  • Code-001
  • Hologram Communicator
  • Surveillance Equipment
  • Power Jet
  • Code-0509

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