Bobo is one of the main characters from Love Nikki - Dress Up Queen. She is a cute girl who lives in Lilith Kingdom and Nikki's good friend.

Appearance Edit

Bobo has blue eyes, braided light brown hair with two green and orange bows and two orange and green hair clips. She usually wears a white dress under an orange and green apron with bows. She also wears orange shoes with white socks and light orange stripes with green bows. She also wears a sultry green bow tie wrapped gently around her neck.

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Love Nikki - Dress Up Queen Edit

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Nikki Edit

Nikki and Yoko are good friends.

Momo Edit

Momo is Yoko's best friend and rival.

Yasu Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She is the only female character that does not compete with her main clothes.

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